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Left of the Dial

Left of the Dial

Rotown and other venues in the centre of Rotterdam 16 October - 17 October



  • Genre: All types of alternative music
  • Name: Left of the Dial
  • Established: 2018
  • Location: Rotterdam
  • Capacity: 2000
  • Stages: 8/10
  • Extras: Free day events + seminar program
  • Program references: Line-up 2019 : • bààn (BE) • Birthday Girl (SE) • Black Leather Jacket (BE) • Blue Crime (NL) • Cry (BE) • Dancehall (UK) • Deeper (US) • Deliluh (CA) • dirk. (BE) • DITZ (UK) • Do Nothing (UK) • Dominic Wolf (UK) • Dumb (CA) • Gaygirl (UK) • Global Charming (NL) • Gnoomes (RU) • Haze (UK) • HEISA (BE) • Honey Lung (UK) • Hot Flash Heat Wave (US) • Ilgen-Nur (DE) • Imperial Wax (UK) • Japanese Television (UK) • Jealous (DE) • Jelly Boy (UK) • LIFE (UK) • Lumer (UK) • Manisdron (JP) • MOLLY (AT) • The Mystery Lights (US) • One Sentence. Supervisor (CH) • Paracetamøl (NL) • Peeping Drexels (UK) • Pet Shimmers (UK) • The Pier (IT) • Rats on Rafts (NL) • Sasha and the Shades (UK) • Sinead O’Brien (IE) • Sleep Eaters (UK) • Slumb Party (UK) • SONNDR (NL) • Stef Chura (US) • The Sweet Release of Death (NL) + many more to be announced! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Line-up 2018: Alligator (UK) Anemone (NL) Any Other (IT) ARXX (UK) Bad Breeding (UK) Bad Nerves (UK) Bambara (US) bleak (BE) Bull (UK) Camera (DE) Canshaker Pi (NL) Charlie & the lesbians (NL) Crows (UK) Die Nerven (DE) Fornet (BE) Gender Roles (UK) Häxxan (IL) Honey Hahs (UK) HOWRAH (NL) J.C. Thomaz & the Missing Slippers (NL) Jackie Cohen (US) Jo Passed (CA) KIEFF (NL) Lagüna (BE) Les Robots (NL) LICE (UK) Mark Lada’s Golden Arches (NL) Monkey Juice (BE) Paul Cherry (US) Pig Frenzy (NL) Price (NL) Public Psyche (BE) Real Farmer (NL) Rev Rev Rev (IT) Slow Crush (BE) SONS (BE) Statue (BE) Steady Holiday (US) Steve French (NL) Sunflower (BE) Teen Creeps (BE) The Scrubs (UK) Those Foreign Kids (NL) Tony Clifton (NL) Vulgarians (UK) Whispering Sons (BE) Young Romance (UK) yung KP (UK)
Left of the Dial